How to Plan a Romantic Weekend in London

So you want to surprise your loved on with a romantic weekend away to London? Do you know where to start? Do you know what to look for and where to go to ensure the weekend is a weekend of thrills and surprises for the both of you?

Maybe you’re planning to propose to the one you love or you want to take your wife away for a weekend, a break from the children, work and home and giving her the chance to relax that she deserves.

There are numerous important factors that you will want to take into consideration when planning a romantic weekend away to London to ensure that it ticks all the boxes and provides you with the romantic memories that you both will remember for years to come.

The first thing you are going to want to focus very closely on is the hotel that you choose. If you are planning a romantic weekend away, then there is no point in choosing a sub-standard hotel. Rather save up, if needed and book yourself into a luxurious five-star hotel for the weakened, that is something she will remember for years to come.

Focus on the facilities and services provided by the hotel you choose. Ideally, choose a hotel that provides their own in-house wellness centre. This way you can book a spa weekend to ensure your loved one gets all the pampering she deserves during your time.

The location of the hotel is just as important. When traveling to London there are some amazing romantic things to do, but you need to know your hotel is within easy access of the public transport, so once your partner has been pampered, you can whisk her off to some of the best sites that London has to offer. Choosing a hotel that is far from everything will lead to you spending more time on the tube or bus than you do simply enjoying yourselves. Of course, you could take it one step further and speak to your concierge and book a limo for the evening when going out, to make it something extra special.

It is advisable when you want romantic time together than you try and avoid the crowds. There are some sights and attractions in London, such as Big Ben, British Museum, Hyde Park, Palace of Westminster, which can be brimming with simply too many people. Choose locations that are busy, but that you only do now and then, so that you can enjoy your alone time and recharge your batteries before returning home.

Plan your romantic weekend in advance, so you know what you are going to do and where you are going to go. Start by speaking to the hotel concierge and booking tickets for one of the top West End shows along with dinner in one of the top restaurants. There are so many choices, but the concierge will be able to advise and direct you so that you can provide her with a night to remember.

Don’t forget to consider an afternoon picnic in the beatitude Hyde Park. This public park spans more than three thousand acres and is lush with trees and man-made lake. There is so much space here that it’s easy to find a spot in the shade of a large tree where you can put down your picnic blanket and enjoy some quality time together.

After your picnic, you may want to consider making your way across to the London Eye for sunset and enjoy the forty five minute giant Ferris Wheel ride while seeing the sights from a unique angle.