A Peek Into the Colossal Canvas of Ocean Confluence at Kanya Kumari

Dawn and dusk! Rise and fall! Origin and end! Every day Kanyakumari wakes with these three stories to tell.

Marvel at the roaring epic beauty which the rising number of resorts & other industrial development haven’t managed to mar at all. The fishing communes retain the rustic charm that hypnotizes. Apart from the natural, mythical and spiritual essence, Kanyakumari has plenty up its sleeve. The Vatta-Kottai (Circular Fortress) with sea on sides, the centuries-old Guganatha Swamy shrine, the Suchindram Temple, and the Bay Watch water theme park are only the tip of the iceberg.

Surreal experience of seeing sea as far as your sight goes. A curious mix of coconut palms and thickset of tamarind trees adorning the shoreline. Even if you have never been a morning person, now is the best time to try getting up at the crack of the dawn.

As the trinity of Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal & Indian Ocean compete to grasp a fair share of the purest sun rays, the entire sky seems to get scattered in vibrant flashes of colors. Magic of Triveni Sangamam! It is so achingly enchanting that you stay rooted to the spot. As joyful as a lovers’ reunion after the curse of separation, the simultaneous sunset down the Sea and graceful mounting of moon over the restless ocean leave you yearning for more. All this while the sweet-scented zephyrs tickle you! Bask in the celestial feeling that only Kanyakumari can offer.

Once you’re snapped out of your reverie, you’ll be amazed at umpteen gatherings and the onset of activities like yoga, meditation, Carnatic music practice, chants from the nearby temples, and even intense discussions on spirituality and philosophy. Hawkers & touts will have already milled the place with curios and trinkets. Tread slowly if you’re not skilled at haggling. Soon the classic smells of tea, sambhar, dosa and all those south Indian breakfast delicacies fill the air.

Calm your growling tummy and catch the first ferry to Vivekananda Rock Memorial ringed by dashing sea and rocks. The statue emits an ethereal glow in the morning rays. And oh my, views of the city & windmills on the land clashing with the vast stretch of azure waters is a sight to behold! Right across the memorial lies the Kumari Amman Temple on the mainland. You can spot the foot prints of the Virgin Goddess! Try if you can make out the sparkle from Goddess’ nose-ring. You may find kids collecting the supposedly seven-colored sands around this area in bottles to take back home.

If you like to spend your evening strolling ideally on the beach, you’re bound to come face to face with the lighthouse here. Not that many bothers to spare a glance to it. But typical of most Kerala coasts, Kanyakumari shores too turn wild on certain dark tempestuous nights, which you can see out of your hotel window. Flashes from the lighthouse illuminate the terrifyingly tumultuous waves. You truly appreciate the famous phrase ‘terrible beauty is born’.